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Pierre Clement ̸

Community for all, mercy for the lost

…I followed a game trail to the river. I admit that I got caught up in the soft afternoon light and the velvety leaves on my fingers and the damp scent of soil. A few times the trail faded out and I whispered, “Well, I hope I can find my way back,” and kept walking. Game trails are created by hooves, not tools. They start and stop without warning, and they don’t have arrows pointing back home, because the animals are already home. This is why I kept going. I needed to have that kind of freedom…

Exposition personnelle Community for all, mercy for the lost, 2017, Delta Studio, Roubaix

Liste des œuvres :

Flag, 2017
Aluminium, nylon, lunette de visée, cordon, acier inoxydable, 580 x 200 x 6 cm

The dancer, 2017
Impression UV sur plexiglas, bois, coquilles d’huîtres, acier inoxydable, 221 x 70 x 60 cm

Duracell campfire, 2017
Lits de camping pliants en aluminium, acier inoxydable, impression UV sur verre acrylique transparent, 330 x 190 cm


Courtesy de l’artiste
Crédits photographiques : Pierre Clement