Exposition collective

Interior Acts

Du 3 février au 18 mars 2023
Clages – Cologne
Angélique Aubrit et Ludovic Beillard, Nuits (2021)
Crédit photographique : tous droits réservés


Perhaps living means nothing other than constantly categorizing. The functional division into kitchen, bathroom or bedroom choreographs habits and sensations, creates hierarchies and produces leftovers. The home embodies an ongoing digestive process that drives the construction of subjectivity. A place where the self can be seen outside of oneself because its substance is also revealed in the surrounding things - even the insignificant and ugly ones.

Curated by Susanne Mierzwiak.


Avec Daphne Ahlers, Angélique Aubrit and Ludovic Beillard, Bradley Davies, Anders Dickson, Patrick Jolley and Reynold Reynolds, Aileen Murphy and Jasmin Werner.

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